Fender Precision Bass

In October 1951, the first commercially available version of the Fender P bass was released. The original version featured a “slab” (non-contoured) body with two horns, which served as the basis for the Fender Stratocaster.

The First Electric Bass Guitar

The Fender Precision bass was designed simply, with a bolt-on maple neck and a single pickup. In today’s world, not much has changed. A curved body makes playing more comfortable, and a split single-coil pickup has been incorporated. The bass, on the other hand, has remained mostly intact from its initial design. Why would you attempt to repair something that was not broken? This is without a doubt the most recognizable instrument in the Fender bass guitar series.

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Fender Precision Bass For Sale

The Fender Precision Bass, often known as the P-Bass, is a true musical icon. It was the first electric bass to gain broad notice and use, introduced by Leo Fender in 1951, revolutionizing the sound of popular music and elevating the bassist’s function from the background to the forefront. Its solid body solved the feedback problems that plagued classic hollow-bodied stand-up basses at the time.

The P-Bass’ distinct sound, which combines power and warmth, making it instantly recognizable. The split single-coil pickup’s twin coil design creates a powerful, robust output with a clean, full-bodied tone. Furthermore, the curved body and basic yet useful layout of the Fender show a sense of ageless style and utility.

Many well-known bassists have made the P-Bass their primary instrument. P-Basses have been used to great effect by artists such as James Jamerson, whose grooves on innumerable Motown singles established the sound of soul, and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

Fender continues to honor this legendary instrument with a variety of models available today. The Player line offers a low-cost entry point that keeps iconic Fender tone within reach of aspiring bassists. The American Pro II series is the product line’s top end, with sophisticated features and excellent craftsmanship.

Furthermore, Fender produces a variety of special edition and artist signature models, each with its own set of features and finishes, adding to the P-Bass’ rich and diversified past.

Used Fender Precision Bass

The Fender Precision Bass, sometimes known as the Fender P Bass, is the most famous bass guitar ever built. Simply put, the electric bass did not exist prior to Leo Fender’s invention. Since its debut in October 1951 by Leo Fender, the P bass has had a tremendous impact on music due to its distinct sound and physically striking appearance.


The Fender Precision Bass has a split-coil pickup that delivers the famous Fender Precision Bass sound heard on songs like “What’s Going On,” “My Generation,” and nearly every Iron Maiden record!

This split-coil pickup, combined with the single volume and tone knobs, allows for simple tone shaping. The pickup produces a powerful, yet rich and resonant sound that stands out without being overpowering in the mix.

If you desire more tonal variety, the American Performer Precision bass comes with a Yosemite split-coil P Bass middle pickup and a Yosemite single-coil Jazz Bass bridge pickup – perfect for discriminating bass players who want more from their sound.


The classic double-cutaway design lets players to maximize their performance by taking full use of every fret. You may easily appreciate the lower registers and slide up to the higher tier frets.


Simple yet efficient, the Fender Precision 4 saddle bridge keeps your Fender P bass in tune, increases sustain, and assures our guitar’s intonation is perfect. This simple, yet effective feature is one of the main reasons bass players adore the P bass – it sustains for days!

Why is the Fender P Bass so popular?

The Fender Precision Bass is well-known for its distinct tone, design, and history. It was the first solid body design to remove feedback problems, cementing its reputation for dependable and practical live performances. Since then, several notable bassists have utilized it as a symbol.

Is a Precision Bass lighter than a Jazz bass?

Because of their lower body size, Jazz Basses are often lighter than Precision Basses, but the difference may be insignificant for most players. It is critical to try out different basses and make a decision depending on personal comfort and choice. Investigate numerous models and materials to discover the best fit!

Where are Fender Precision Bass guitars made?

Fender Precision Bass guitars are manufactured in the United States, Mexico, and Japan. Corona, California is where the American series is made. The Player series is built in Ensenada, Mexico, with a few special models made in Japan. All sites uphold the high quality standards and craftsmanship for which Fender is known.

The Precision Bass (also known as the P-Bass) was introduced as the world’s first commercially-made, solid body electric bass in 1951.
The Fender Precision Bass was the first well produced, electric bass guitar on the market. As such, for many years the sound of the p-bass was the sound of modern music, and it’s a sound that holds true to this day.
A PJ bass is a Precision bass with a single-coil Jazz pickup added for brightness and solo bridge tone. Consider a PJ Bass to be a normal Precision with the added benefit of sound diversity when needed.