Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

When looking for a new left-handed acoustic guitar, are you tired of finding no affection for the southpaws? You’ve arrived at the proper location. Midwest Guitar Center has one of the largest selections of left-handed acoustic guitars accessible online, with models like giant and auditorium and brands like Martin and Taylor.

Used Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars For Sale

Finding the ideal left-handed acoustic guitar may seem difficult to do. Do not worry, Midwest Guitar Center is here to assist you! To help you choose the ideal left handed acoustic guitar for you, Sweetwater offers a wide range of filters so you may concentrate on your favorite brands, desired characteristics, styles, and price ranges!

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Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars For Sale

A left-handed acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar that’s meant to be fretted with the right hand and strummed with the left—it’s a backwards version of a standard acoustic guitar. Though there are plenty of left-handed players who play a right-handed guitar, many lefties prefer a guitar that’s made for their needs.

Do left-handed guitars cost more?

Left-handed guitars typically cost a little bit extra when they are brand new. This is due to the fact that they are less typical and that fewer builders produce them. For the same reason, lefties might be able to find used left-handed acoustic guitars at a discount. Left-handed guitars may lie unsold for a little longer because there aren’t as many southpaws, which can cause the price to decrease.

What is a Good Left-handed Acoustic Guitar for Beginners?

A reasonably priced and built left-handed dreadnought guitar is a great choice for beginners. Since dreadnoughts are such a popular shape for acoustics, they’re easy to find in a variety of price and quality levels.

Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Near Me

Refer to the list of top cities and nations available on Reverb to narrow your search to left-handed acoustic guitars only in the area. The “Shop Policies” section of an item also allows you to review shipping information.