Ibanez Electric Guitars

Although Ibanez Electric Guitars have been manufactured since 1908, it wasn’t until the late 1980s that they began to establish a distinct character when performers such as Steve Vai and Frank Zappa began to use them.

The name ‘Superstrat’ is frequently linked with Ibanez and refers to a Strat-style guitar that has been customized for fast playing techniques. Ibanez Electric Guitars are popular among Heavy Metal and’shredding’ players because of their slim-profile necks, greater fret count, and sharper horns.

How can you tell a Fake Ibanez Guitar?

If a guitar is being offered for auction or direct sale at a price that is a fraction of what a new or used Ibanez guitar would normally sell for, it is most likely not a genuine Ibanez. If the delivery cost exceeds the price of the guitar, it is most likely not a genuine Ibanez.

What is the Best Cheap Ibanez Electric Guitar?

In our opinion, the Ibanez AZES31 is the greatest affordable Ibanez electric guitar available right now. This AZ Essentials model, like the GIO described above, has a Poplar body, Maple neck, and Jatoba fingerboard, providing that bright, snappy intonation that so many players love.

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Ibanez Electric Guitars For Sale

Certain firms in the guitar market are continually setting the standard for others to meet, and Ibanez is unquestionably one of those strong hitters. One of the best things about Ibanez is that they don’t make any distinctions between style and taste.

Simply looking through this catalog will show you that Ibanez electric guitars come in a range of styles and shapes. Ibanez provides something for everyone, whether you’re a technical metal shredder, a down-strumming punk rocker, or an intricate jazz guitarist.

If you’re new to the guitar-buying game, you should ask yourself several questions before making any firm decisions. For example, what kind of music do you intend to perform? Do you have any favorite musicians whose sounds you’d want to imitate?

Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow down your alternatives and find something you’ll enjoy for many years to come. In terms of favorite performers, Ibanez has various signature model electrics from well-known musicians such as Joe Satriani, Paul Stanley, and Steve Vai.

Check out the NDM3 Noodles Signature Electric Guitar for fans of The Offspring. This model, created in partnership with Noodles, features a 3-piece maple neck on a basswood body, jumbo frets, a fixed bridge, and a 3-way switching mechanism.

With all of this, as well as a Std.-SS1 neck and Std.SS2 bridge pickup, this instrument is a must-have for any fan of the vintage ’90s So-Cal punk rock sound. Ibanez also has an amazing selection of semi-hollowbodies, and the Artcore AS93 is ideal for those looking for a superb jazz blues sound.

This guitar performs as well as it looks, thanks to a 3-piece neck for more stability and strength, as well as exquisite abalone inlays. Furthermore, the Artcore medium output pickups generate clean tones and function well with effects pedals.

Ibanez has over four decades of experience producing full and semi-acoustics, so you can be confident that the Artcore AS93 is of great quality. And to suggest your options extend far beyond those two instruments would be an understatement.

From 7- and 8-string extended models to baritone electrics and a seemingly limitless selection of solid bodies, these guitars are handcrafted by masters in their field, and their passion and professionalism shine through in every option in this section.

About Ibanez Electric Guitars

Ibanez electric guitars have earned a reputation for being very well-crafted and flexible instruments. Of course, almost 60 years of creating high-quality, innovative guitars can earn you that reputation.

With an ever-expanding assortment, the firm has almost every style and skill level covered. Whatever your taste and preference, Midwest Guitar Center is sure to have an Ibanez electric guitar for you!

Quality electric guitars for professionals and beginners alike

With so many Ibanez electric guitars to select from, determining which one is best for you will necessitate some research into what you want from your instrument. If you’re a new guitarist looking for your first instrument, an Ibanez Gio is ideal.

More experienced guitarists, on the other hand, have various needs and preferences, so they may want to explore a Signature line guitar that has exactly what their playing style requires.

Ibanez RG and JEM models are the real deal for shredding guitars like no other, with a myriad of setups, finishes, and string variations available. These latter guitars are perfectly suited for even the most technical players and will undoubtedly remain in your collection for the rest of your life.

Ibanez hollowbody and semi-hollowbody guitars

Jazz guitarists and hollowbody guitar enthusiasts will adore Ibanez’s Artcore and Artstar models, especially considering their ability to produce really warm, clear tones that hold up well to mild overdrive.

These ES-inspired Ibanez electric guitars are used by some of music’s most illustrious guitarists, including George Benson and Pat Metheny, who each have signature Ibanez electric guitars.

Choose your next Ibanez electric with confidence

When you purchase an Ibanez electric guitar, you are purchasing a work of art. Midwest Guitar Center’s Gallery makes it simple to buy your first guitar, or your hundredth, with complete confidence.

There, you’ll see the precise Ibanez model you’re looking for from every aspect imaginable. Ibanez electric guitars are also gig-ready upon arrival, thanks to our 55-point inspection.

Is Ibanez a good Electric Guitar Brand?

In a nutshell, “yes, Ibanez is a good guitar brand.” However, much like any other brand, there are higher and lower end guitars. You should also consider the feel of the instrument.

What Are Ibanez Electric Guitars Best For?

Ibanez electric guitars are known for their versatility, fast playability, and great price:value ratio. Ibanez has a great electric guitar model for:

  • -ultimate versatility,
  • -metal,
  • -rock,
  • -jazz,
  • -blues…
  • -and for almost any other genre.

You only need to select the one with the best playability and pickups for your needs. In my humble view, a good Ibanez electric guitar is available for practically any player.

Are Ibanez Good Quality Guitars?

Based on my experience, Ibanez axes are high-quality instruments. They often come with an excellent setup, strong hardware, fantastic sounding pickups, and a nice finish.

However, my whole experience with Ibanez guitars has been disappointing. I’ve always liked the playability and sound of Ibanez guitars, however some of the cheaper ones I’ve tried have small flaws like:

  • -fret buzz
  • -uneven frets
  • -sharp fret edges
  • -some flaws in the finish.

According to my study, these concerns are uncommon, but they do occur, particularly with the lowest versions. Still, the most of the Ibanez guitars I’ve played have been of high quality, and I strongly advise you to try some out for yourself.