4-String Bass Guitars

Nobody can disagree that the 4-string electric bass guitar is an essential component of any band. The bassist, in collaboration with the percussion, generates the powerful rhythm that moves the audience and serves as the heartbeat of a melody.

The 4-string bass guitar, the most common form, is practically the gold standard instrument for the bottom end, and it’s usually set to sound like a double bass. One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a new 4-string bass is the body style, and with it, the tonewood.

A semi-hollow body is the ideal method to warm up your tone right from the start for a country or folk bassist searching for rich acoustic character. Solid-body basses, on the other hand, fit in with any kind of music, especially rock and metal.

Examine the wood carefully for either form of bass. Because of its well-rounded tone, alder is a common choice, but a performer seeking more warmth and smoothness may prefer mahogany. Basswood may be the correct choice for you if you’re a technical player searching for tight sustain to nail quick bass lines.

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4-String Bass Guitars For Sale

Maple enthusiasts, on the other hand, will appreciate its luminosity. The pickup system is the next step in customizing the sound of the bass after you’ve decided on your favorite tonewood. You can choose between active and passive pickups for this instrument.

The distinction is straightforward: an active pickup includes a small built-in preamp, but a passive pickup sends an unaltered signal directly to the output.

As a result, passive pickups produce a traditional, full tone that complements any amp, and active pickups produce bright, clean sounds with the added strength to push an amp into high overdrive if that’s your thing.

You can also choose between fretted and fretless 4-string bass guitar styles. The fretted fingerboard divides the guitar neck into semitones, providing a visual and tactile reference for finger placement. This makes fretted models simple to learn on, and the pinpoint touch with the metal frets may give the bass a crisp, precise tone.

A fretless fingerboard, on the other hand, is ideal for skilled musicians, as you can use the smooth surface to slide your fingers for more dynamic sounds. A fretless bass produces a significantly softer sound by pressing the string directly against the fingerboard wood.

Whatever bass style you choose—solid or semi-hollow, active or passive, fretted or fretless—the most essential thing to remember is that it is precisely suited to your individual preferences.

If you’re not sure where to begin, look at some of your favorite bassists and see what they play: the first step in following in the footsteps of your idols is to look for a matching bass guitar to place yourself on the same footing.

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With so many 4-string bass guitars to select from, deciding one is ideal for you might be difficult. Sweetwater, thankfully, has thorough filters that may help you pick the best 4-string bass guitar depending on manufacturers, series, price points, style, and much more.

If you want to learn more about a certain 4-string bass guitar or other piece of gear, check out our 4-string bass guitar demo playlist on YouTube to see it in action so you know what to expect when you acquire it.

What are the most popular brands for 4-string Bass Guitars on Midwest Guitar Center ?

  • Fender 4-string Bass Guitars
  • Ibanez 4-string Bass Guitars
  • Squier 4-string Bass Guitars
  • Spector 4-string Bass Guitars
  • Sire 4-string Bass Guitars

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When you picture a classic bass guitar in your mind, chances are that that imaginary bass has four strings. Here on Reverb, search through one of the largest collections of new, used, and vintage 4-string bass guitars anywhere in the world.

More About the 4-String Bass Guitar

The 4-string bass is the foundational voice of popular music. We know it’s a bold claim, but bass has always played an important role in shaping a music. There’s no shortage of superb basses to select from today, too, from the classic Fender Precision and Jazz basses to the pioneering Music Man Sting Ray and Rickenbacker’s eye-catching instruments.

You can not only locate the right new (or new to you) bass guitar for you on Midwest Guitar Center, but you can also learn more about how to use it, how to care for it, and the best ways to record it. To understand more about 4-string bass guitars, read the articles listed below.

Popular 4-String Bass Guitar Brands on Midwest Guitar Center

If you’re wondering where to start in your search for a new or used 4-string bass, it’s never a bad idea to start your search by brand. Here on Reverb, sort through 4-string bass selections from trusted brands like Ibanez, Fender, Squier, Schecter, and more.

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Refer to the list of top cities and countries available on Midwest Guitar Center to search inside a specified place to exclusively browse 4-string bass guitars in your area. You may also review shipping information in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.

Why Should I Choose a 4 String Bass Guitar?

  • A long-time standard used by the majority of bassists
  • Available in a wide selection of styles and configurations
  • Models available from almost every brand, with a selection to suit all styles of music

Is a 4 String Bass Better?

A 4-string will probably suffice for most genres. If you like today’s heavier music, a 5-string bass will allow you to reach those lower notes without having to detune your bass.

Is 4-string Bass Enough For Metal?

You’ll probably be fine with a 4-string bass guitar for most playing styles, but if you’re into the harder metal and core genres that are prevalent nowadays, you might want to try a 5-string bass guitar so you can reach those lower notes without having to detune your bass.