Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Left-handed electric guitars are a lifesaver for southpaws all around the world, and every musician should be grateful for their existence. After all, with performers such as Tony Iommi, Kurt Cobain, and Omar Rodrguez-López among the ranks of legendary left-handed guitarists, it would be a travesty to deprive the musical world of the next great lefty due to a lack of left-handed guitar options. On Midwest Guitar Center, you can find the latest left-handed electric guitars from Fender, Gibson, Schecter, ESP, Dean, and more brands.

Is there a Left-handed Electric Guitar?

At Midwest Guitar Center, left-handed guitars are not an afterthought. Electric guitars from renowned names like Fender, Gibson, ESP, and Epiphone, as well as boutique brands like LSL, Suhr, Mayones, and Duesenberg, are available.

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Left-Handed Electric Guitars For Sale

Finding instruments tailored for your dominant hand might be difficult for left-handed musicians. But, at Sweetwater, we make it simple to find left-handed electric guitars!

For our fellow left-handed guitarists, we carry top brands and some of the most iconic axes in music. Shop our large variety of left-handed electric guitars online and rock out like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi, and others.

Shop for Left-handed Electric Guitars by Brand

Whether you are a casual hobbyist looking for a guitar to practice with or a professional guitarist looking to take a guitar on tour, Sweetwater has the left-handed electric guitar that best fits your needs.

Our wide selection of left-handed electric guitars from the top brands — including Fender, Schecter, Epiphone, ESP, Gibson, and more — will ensure you have the left-handed electric guitar that best fits your needs. Check them out today!

Where to buy left-handed guitars?

Midwest Guitar Center carries a large assortment of left-handed electric guitars. Simply type “left-handed electric guitar” into the search bar to find left-handed electric guitars from major brands.

Why are left-handed guitars more expensive?

With around 10% of the world’s population being left-handed, several manufacturers find it difficult to construct and allocate some of their inventory to them. Midwest Guitar Center, on the other hand, provides one of the most extensive options of left-handed electric guitars. Check them out right now!

What are the most Popular Brands for Left-handed Electric Guitars on Midwest Guitar Center?

  • Fender Left-handed Electric Guitars
  • Schecter Left-handed Electric Guitars
  • Epiphone Left-handed Electric Guitars
  • ESP Left-handed Electric Guitars
  • Ibanez Left-handed Electric Guitars

What are left-handed electric guitars?

Left-handed electric guitars are six-string electric guitars that have been flipped around to be played by left-handed players. Those that play guitar left-handed will fret with their right hand rather than their left.

Should I play guitar left-handed?

If you’re left-handed, a left-handed electric guitar might be easier to pick up. However, many left-handed guitarists, such as Elvis Costello, Joe Perry, Duane Allman, and Mark Knopfler, also play right-handed guitar.

Are left-handed Electric Guitars Cheaper? How much does a left-handed guitar cost?

Because they aren’t as popular, new left-handed electric guitars are normally the same price or slightly higher than right-handed guitars.

However, used left-handed electric guitars may be slightly less expensive than their right-handed counterparts because demand is smaller and left-handed guitars are more likely to stay unsold for longer. That can be a formula for a fantastic deal on a used left-handed guitar.

While the actual price of a left-handed electric guitar varies widely depending on brand, quality of construction, and other factors, a left-handed electric guitar can cost anywhere from $100 to many thousands of dollars.

Left-Handed Electric Guitars Near Me

To search specifically for Left-Handed Electric Guitars near you, use Reverb’s list of top cities and countries to narrow your search. You may also review shipping information in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.