Jackson Warrior

For guitarists looking to stand out, Jackson Warrior guitars are specially constructed metal instruments. The aggressive pickups produce accurate 80s shred tones, and the mahogany body adds mid-range punch.

Back metal artists who want a design that wows on stage are drawn to the Jackson Warrior. David Davidson, the guitarist for Revocation, owns a Jackson Dave Davidson WR7 Warrior trademark guitar.

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Showing all 2 results

Jackson Warrior Guitar For Sale At Midwest Guitar Solution

For high-octane performance metrics, the Jackson Warrior is a novel X-shape with an incredibly light body. The Warrior, which comes in the incredibly varied JS, X, and Pro series ranges, has some standard characteristics, including a compound fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets, and a 25.5-inch scale length for quick playability.

JS models have high-output pickups developed in-house, a very low-profile satin neck, and graphite reinforcement for exceptional durability, sound, and feel at an affordable price.

For an even more smooth playing experience, the X series Warriors come with neck-through body construction, Floyd Rose Special bridges, and a variety of finishes.

The Pro series are lifetime-guaranteed, tour-quality instruments. For exceptional tone, they also incorporate pickups like those made by Seymour Duncan into the mix.

The USA Select Warrior is the right choice if all that Jackson has to offer is the best. This guitar has exotic woods, Floyd Rose original tremolos, and exceptional construction quality.