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Since 1873, Epiphone has been placing high-quality guitars in the hands of musicians. Epiphone began selling lutes, violins, and bouzoukis in what is now Turkey before expanding to the United States in the early 1900s.

As guitars became the most popular instrument of the day, the firm shifted from old-world instruments to guitars.

Epiphone’s archtop De Luxe, Broadway, and Emperor guitar designs soon established the company as a formidable contender in the business and a direct competitor to Gibson.

Throughout the 1930s, Gibson and Epiphone competed for primacy in the American guitar market. Gibson introduced the wide-bodied Super 400 archtop, and Epiphone quickly followed suit with the even wider-bodied Emperor.

The competition remained strong until the death of firm owner Epi Stathopoulo in 1945. Epiphone’s sales faltered, and the company was eventually sold to Gibson in 1957.

Fortunately, Gibson recognized the significance of Epiphone’s historic brand name and swiftly re-established the brand as a chance to acquire high-quality Gibson electric guitar designs as well as original Epiphone instruments at a fantastic discount.

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Best Epiphone Guitars For Sale

For decades, Epiphone electric guitars, a subsidiary of the legendary Gibson brand, have been making waves in the music world.

These instruments have been a go-to choice for both beginners and seasoned players due to their superb build quality and inexpensive price range. These models frequently draw inspiration from Gibson guitars and make use of similar shapes and patterns.

The Epiphone by Gibson brand has a distinctive look and excellent sound, which draw a wide range of admirers from all over the world.

These guitars are meticulously crafted, reflecting the tradition of their parent business, Gibson. The Epiphone electric guitar collection comprises models such as the Les Paul, SG, and Casino, each with its own distinct blend of sonic attributes and aesthetics.

Epiphone guitars have a long and illustrious history. Epiphone began as a family business in Greece in 1873, manufacturing lutes and fiddles.

They didn’t start making banjos and guitars until they immigrated to the United States in the early 20th century, and Gibson finally bought them in 1957.

Since then, the Epiphone brand has evolved in response to the changing music scene while remaining committed to quality and innovation.

Furthermore, Epiphone electric guitars are not only instruments but also elements of music history. Numerous well-known performers have covered them, including John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Noel Gallagher, solidifying their status in rock and roll history.

So, whether you’re a new guitarist looking for your first instrument or a seasoned musician looking for a dependable workhorse, an Epiphone electric guitar could be just what you’re looking for.

These guitars give an unrivaled playing experience that connects with musicians of all levels, thanks to the combination of Gibson’s design prowess and Epiphone’s devotion to affordability.

Epiphone Electric Guitars FAQs

What Makes Epiphone Guitars Different?

  • Models feature many iconic Gibson designs, plus famous Epiphone originals
  • Consistent high quality at affordable price points
  • Guitars to suit every kind of style and guitarist, from Metal to Jazz and everything in between

Are Epiphone guitars owned by Gibson?

Yes. Epiphone was originally a prominent competitor for Gibson in the early days. CMI, the business that also owned Gibson, bought Epiphone in 1957. Ever since, Epiphone has manufactured its own variety of original-design guitars as well as inexpensive replicas of Gibson designs.

What does the name Epiphone mean?

The name ‘Epiphone’ is a fusion of 1930s firm president Epaminondas Stathopoulos’ nickname ‘Epi’ and the Greek word for sound, which is ‘phone’. Epi was born in Greece before the Stathopoulos family immigrated to New York when he was young. Epiphone is pronounced ‘Eppy-phone’.a

Are Epiphone electric guitars any good?

Epiphone electric guitars are really good. Due to their long, illustrious history and Gibson’s production, they have access to decades of design and crafting expertise. These guitars also feature high-quality components, despite their more inexpensive price.

Why did John Lennon use an Epiphone?

John Lennon used an Epiphone casino because he enjoyed the way it sounded and played. In fact, it became synonymous with him, as he played it during much of his tenure with The Beatles. Its low weight and flexible sound made it perfect for long studio sessions and composing.

Do any famous guitarists use Epiphone?

Plenty of prominent celebrities use Epiphone guitars. Matt Heafy of Trivium fame even has his own signature range, while Noel Gallagher has been known to sport one at various periods in his career. Then there’s Paul Weller, Tom Delonge, Joe Bonamassa, Frank Iero and more—the list goes on!