Rickenbacker Guitars

As one of the real early creators of the electric guitar, Rickenbacker guitars are among the most iconic of all time. Models such as the 360, 330-12, and venerable 4001 bass have been embraced by players of all levels because to their distinct tones and gorgeous finishes.

There’s also the relationship with the Beatles, which helped Rickenbacker regain prominence in the 1960s. Midwest Guitar Center is without a doubt the best online source for old and vintage Rickenbackers.

What type of Music Was the Rickenbacker Guitar Best Suited for?


After all, they were supposed to be the guitars of choice for trippy, jangly music. But, before the decade was up, one of the most important punk bands of all time came to its aid: The Jam’s Paul Weller, who used a Rickenbacker 330 as his main instrument.

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Rickenbacker Guitars For Sale

Rickenbacker began in 1939 with the creation of the world’s first solid-body electric guitars. They are still producing some of the most sought-after instruments on the market more than 75 years later. Rickenbackers are popular among pop and rock guitarists due to their unusual jangly tone and vintage good looks.

You’ll find a huge assortment of new and secondhand Rickenbacker axes for musicians and collectors in these sections. Whether you’re looking for a vintage guitar or a brand-new instrument, you’ll find it right here. The Rickenbacker 620 Electric Guitar, for example, combines stage-worthy appearance with a great sound.

The solid maple body has a classic “cresting wave” design for optimal balance, and the slim double-bound neck allows for great playing speed. Meanwhile, triangular pearloid inlays add a distinctive touch to the rosewood fingerboard.

The Rickenbacker 360 Electric Guitar is for you if you value comfort in your instruments. Since its debut in the 1960s, this semi-hollowbody has been slightly altered to maintain the retro design while increasing utility.

It also features a unique curve that wraps around the entire body, making it feel exactly right. The Rickenbacker 1993Plus is the apex of 12-string guitars. This updated version of Pete Townshend’s 1993 favorite features a comfortable round heel on the solid 2-piece neck, which is also slightly broader for easy fingering.

The vintage reissue pickups keep the original tone, and the X-bracing adds warmth and depth. Rickenbacker guitars are sought after by performers ranging from John Lennon and George Harrison to Tom Petty, Thom Yorke, and a plethora of others both past and present. When you play a Rickenbacker, you feel like you’re a part of rock & roll history. It’s the archetypal rocker’s guitar.

Used Rickenbacker Guitars

Rickenbackers are ingrained in the musical DNA of America. Everyone from Lemmy Kilmister to Tom Petty to Paul McCartney to Johnny Marr has been inspired by the low-end growl of their basses, the sparkle and bite of their six-strings, and the beautiful chime of their twelve-strings, and their unique sound has formed the backbone of innumerable iconic records.

But Rickenbacker’s tale is much more than chime and jangle; in fact, its appetite for innovation dates back to the 1920s, when they produced the first electric guitar.

Lap steel guitar players of the 1920s were always looking for additional loudness. One adventurous musician, John Beauchamp, approached violin repairman John Dopyera about having a louder instrument built for him. Dopyera had an epiphany:

why not embed miniature resonator cones in the body of a metal guitar? They delivered the prototype to the Sol Hoopii Trio (one of the most popular Hawaiian music groups at the time) and had them perform at a fancy party hosted by Beauchamp’s affluent cousin-in-law, Ted Kleinmeyer.

Kleinmeyer was so taken with Dopyera’s resonator that he wrote a check for starting money that night. As a result, National Guitars was born.

Why are Rickenbacker Guitars so Expensive?

Rickenbacker Guitarsare expensive because they are created in the United States and have superior components craftsmanship and quality control, but the major reason they are expensive is that there are many basses that sound like precisions and jazzes, but only a rick sounds like a rick.

What’s Special about Rickenbacker Guitars?

Rickenbackers are one-of-a-kind in a variety of ways. They were among the first guitars to use neck through construction, which means the neck and body (or at least a portion of the body) are built from a single piece of wood. This improves sustain, which is an important aspect of the Rick sound.

Why did John Lennon use a Rickenbacker?

It was used by John Lennon at home for songwriting. A Rose Morris model from 1996 with a Rickenbacker Fireglo finish and a standard sound f hole. Used after John Lennon’s second Rickenbacker was damaged. It was used by John Lennon in his home studio and later given to Ringo Starr.

Is Rickenbacker owned by Fender?

Unlike companies like Gibson or Fender, Rickenbacker is still a family-owned business – the current CEO is John Hall who purchased the company from his father FC Hall.

Who uses Rickenbackers?

Many sixties guitarists chose Rickenbackers as a result of the Beatles’ success and regular employment of the Rickenbacker brand, including John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane), and John Entwistle and Pete Townshend of The Who.

Why did The Beatles stop using Rickenbacker?

Because the Beatles were constantly experimenting with sounds, they were destined to use a wide variety of instruments throughout their career. I feel that their growing desire to explore with various sorts of sound drove them to use instruments that moved away from the Rickenbacker sound over time.

Why are Rickenbackers hard to play?

If you’re not used to the tiny Rickenbacker fretboard, it can be difficult to adjust to, especially on a 12. However, it appears that you’re also having problems with the amount of pressure required to fret barre chords.

Who played Rickenbacker guitars?

Rickenbacker’s first major champions were John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney (who relied on his 4001 from 1965 to his ‘Wings era’). Rickenbacker had champions and loyal players in every genre of guitar music by the end of the 1960s. The trend has never stopped or faded.

How do I identify a Rickenbacker guitar?

The jackplate was imprinted with serial letters and numbers. Search for a two-letter date code. The first letter indicates the year (A for 1961) and the second letter indicates the month of manufacture (A through L). For example, “AC” denotes a March 1961 manufacture date.

What country are Rickenbacker guitars made?

Rickenbacker are high-class guitars, and they are built by hand in Santa Ana, California, the same way the always have.

What is the nickname of the Rickenbacker guitar?

It was the first solid body guitar and was dubbed the “Frying Pan” due to its design. George Beauchamp created and designed it, and the Rickenbacker Company manufactured and sold it.