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The traditional upright double bass is a progenitor of the modern bass guitar. For years, classical music has benefited from its rich sounds, and the acoustic bass’s distinct features are making their way into rock, pop, and a variety of other genres on the modern stage.

A fretless electric bass, by removing the metal frets, allows you to play the classic instrument’s smooth, flowing notes with the look and feel of a modern bass guitar.

A famous example of this skill is Paul Simon’s “Boy in the Bubble,” in which he shows off the effect of gliding from one note to the next, generating a dynamic and lyrical effect that would be impossible to achieve with metal frets in the way.

It’s also a terrific method for a bassist to push himself or herself, because the lack of frets makes finger positioning more vital in achieving the perfect sound—a sound that has a warmer, deeper tone than a fretted bass because the strings are striking wood rather than metal.

What is the Point of a Fretless Bass Guitar?

The fretless bass has the advantage of requiring far less energy to push the strings down, regardless of how high or low the action is. You’re not fighting the frets or pushing hard enough to get rid of the buzzing sound.

Who plays a Fretless Bass Guitar?

Great musicians such as Jaco Pastorius, Pino Palladino, Tony Franklin, Les Claypool, and Mick Karn have all found their creative identities on fretless bass, but who was the first?

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Fretless Bass Guitars For Sale

Naturally, many of the decisions you’ll make when selecting a fretless electric bass are the same ones you’d make when selecting a fretted instrument. Body material is a prime example, with alternatives such as the exceptional harmonies of ash, the technical abilities of basswood, and the warmth and smoothness of mahogany, among others.

The pickups on the bass are also crucial, with either a passive design for classic vintage sound or active pickups for clarity and brightness. If you’re a more ambitious player, you’ll be pleased to know that fretless basses are also available in five-string configurations.

This version, popularized by Fender in the 1960s, employs an additional string to broaden the bass’s range. With a fretless 5-string bass, you may use that extra voice, as well as the possibilities of the smooth fingerboard, to develop your own unique ways for playing your best solos yet.

Whatever the tonewood, pickups, and design combination, the fretless electric bass is a powerful addition to any band’s sound. This instrument opens up new opportunities for both novice and seasoned bassists by combining the smooth fingerboard of its symphonic predecessor with the easy-to-handle configuration of today’s bass guitar.

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Fretless Basses for Sale on Midwest Guitar Center

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Why Choose a Fretless Bass?

The upright double-bass, the bass guitar’s progenitor, is recognized for its deep, rich, and smooth note articulations. Its completely fretless neck, which lets players to glide from note to note without having to worry about the metal frets that would get in the way on a bass guitar’s neck, contributes to its smooth note articulation.

Even if they want that smooth sound, many players find it difficult to play, gig with, or travel with a huge, double-bass. If this describes you, you should think about getting a fretless bass guitar.

Fretless bass guitars provide musicians with the smooth articulation and non-blending of an upright while staying portable (and often inexpensive).

Of course, while playing a fretless bass can add a unique melodicism and dynamism to your song, players must also be more conscious and deliberate in their finger placement.

If you come from an upright bass background, you’re already used to fretless necks. If you’re used to playing fretted bass guitar, you’ll have to get used to not having those guidelines—much like removing bumpers off at the bowling alley.

Popular Fretless Bass Guitar Brands on Midwest Guitar Center

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