Parlor Guitars

Beginning in the late 18th century, parlor guitars were a prevalent occurrence until the 1950s. Though demand for parlor acoustic guitars has since declined, the genre is currently undergoing a rebirth; get in on the action with a parlor guitar from a brand like Martin, Washburn, Gibson, Collings, and others.

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Parlor Guitars For Sale

A parlor guitar is a small-bodied acoustic guitar, similar to an OM or size 0 Martin guitar. They’ve seen popularity surges in specific genres, most notably cowboy music, folk music, and blues.

Best Parlor Guitars

The acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments on the planet, playing an important role in many different music genres such as country, folk, alternative, reggae, and others.

Although most people are familiar with the 6-string and 12-string acoustic guitars, there is a vast world of acoustic guitar styles.

Acoustic guitars are made in a range of styles and manufacturing methods, ensuring that everyone from flamenco fingerstylists to rock musicians will find their ideal guitar.

What are parlor guitars good for?

Parlor acoustic guitars are perfect for tiny players who may find it difficult to grip and play a larger sized acoustic guitar. In addition to their smaller size, they have reduced string tension, which can make them simpler to play for people who haven’t developed hand strength.

Because they are quieter than dreadnoughts and larger-body acoustics, they are suitable for smaller concerts when the acoustic guitar does not need to project a lot of volume.

Who plays a parlor guitar?

From Joan Baez’s vintage parlor guitar strumming to Ed Sheeran’s current playing, parlor guitars have a devoted following. Other renowned parlor guitar players include Taylor Swift, John Mayer, and Robert Johnson.

How big is a parlor guitar?

A parlor guitar, by definition, is smaller than a Martin 0 model. Common parlor guitar proportions are 18 1/4-inch length (or less), four inches deep, 9 1/2-inch upper bout (or less), and 13 1/4-inch lower bout (or less).

How is a pParlor Guitar Different from a Travel Guitar?

When it comes to parlor guitar vs. travel guitar, a parlor guitar is a throwback to a specific shape of guitar that was especially popular in the ’50s and ’60s, whereas travel guitars aren’t really a throwback to anything—they’re designed to be portable, so their shapes and specifics can vary.

Parlor guitars also feature longer and thinner bodies than travel guitars, as well as a regular nut width against a narrower nut width on travel guitars. A trip guitar is also more likely to have 14 frets before the frets reach the body, whereas parlor guitars often have 12.

Parlor Guitars Near Me

To browse only parlor guitars near you, use Midwest Guitar Center’s list of top cities and countries to narrow your search to a certain area. You may also review shipping information in the “Shop Policies” section of an item.

6-string Acoustic Guitars

When you think of an acoustic guitar, you probably think of a 6-string instrument. Midwest Guitar Center sells some of the finest handmade acoustic guitars with unusual and unique tonewoods. Are you a beginning guitarist?

No worry; we have inexpensive versions that will entice any beginner to begin learning. Whether you’re a beginner or a collector, Midwest Guitar Center has a selection of 6-string acoustic guitars to suit your needs.

12-string Acoustic Guitars

Are you drawn to the grandeur of a 12-string acoustic guitar? We are, too! The six extra strings on this acoustic guitar provide a luscious ring to the tone. The 12 strings are paired in courses, with the bottom four pairs tuned in octaves and the top two in unison. Today, browse our large variety of 12-string acoustic guitars!

Acoustic-electric Guitars

Do you intend to perform with your acoustic guitar onstage? Adding pickups to acoustic guitars was one of the most significant evolutions in acoustic guitar design history.

With the pickup, you may project your tone to a much bigger audience. There’s no better place to find your new acoustic-electric guitar than Midwest Guitar Center, with our large selection of top-brand acoustic-electric guitars.

Left-handed Acoustic Guitars

It can be difficult to obtain dependable and affordable left-handed acoustic guitars. With fewer possibilities than right-handed players, it can be tough to find a left-handed acoustic guitar.

Fortunately for you lefties, Midwest Guitar Center carries a large selection of left-handed acoustic guitars from renowned brands. Check out our large collection of left-handed acoustic guitars today and forget about your problems!

Classical & Nylon-string Guitars

Classical and nylon-string guitars have unique tones. While nylon acoustic guitars are typically of the 6-string form, nylon acoustic guitars use a range of tonewoods, bracing, and construction techniques for either classical or flamenco playing styles.

Midwest Guitar Center offers everything you need, from one-of-a-kind patterns and exotic tonewoods to traditional body forms and designs!

Folk Instruments

Folk music has charmed audiences since its inception, dating back before the nineteenth century, with its simplicity, appealing melodies, and accessibility.

Because of their open tunings, mobility, and rustic tone, instruments like the banjo, mandolin, resonator, and others have become genre stalwarts. Midwest Guitar Center is the place to go if you want to start a folk band or if you just want to write your own folk songs!