Left-Handed Bass Guitars

Buying a left-handed bass was once an extremely tough task. In order to perform, left-handed guitarists would frequently have to flip right-handed bass guitars and string them upside down. Such effort can frequently be a discouragement to aspiring musicians. Fortunately, those days are long gone.

It is now quite simple for left handed bass players to discover the right left handed electric bass for them. When searching for a new instrument, it’s critical to know which features are most important to you.

A luthier (someone who builds and fixes string instruments) would tell you unequivocally that tone wood is vital in the sound of your instrument. To put it simply, various woods produce distinct tones.

A bass composed of ash wood would have rich harmonic overtones, whilst a mahogany bass will have a powerful growl and sustain. Different gamers enjoy various sounds.

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Left-Handed Bass Guitars For Sale

There is no such thing as correct or wrong wood; only the one that sounds best to you. The choice of active or passive pickup mechanism is almost as crucial as the choice of tonewood. Passive pickups have been popular since the early days of the electric bass for their warm, rich tone.

Active pickups, on the other hand, produce a bright and clear tone that has grown in popularity over time. Passive pickups may be your best bet if you like big, powerful bass lines. If you want a more percussive sound and more power, opt for active pickups.

Left handed bass players are everywhere, from the legendary Sir Paul McCartney to indie rockers like Kathy Foster of the Thermals to metal enthusiasts like Paul Gray of Slipknot, which is why left handed electric bass instruments are easier to buy than ever.

There is a left handed bass guitar out there for everyone, whether you are a novice looking for your first instrument or a professional seeking for a new instrument for the road.

Buy Left-Handed Bass Guitars

For decades, left-handed bass guitar players had a very restricted selection of instruments to choose from. Today, however, there is a greater variety of wonderful left-handed basses accessible than ever before.

You’ll discover everything from classic Fender designs like the Precision and Jazz Bass to modern metal and funk favorites from Warwick, Spector, and others on Reverb. Whether you’re looking for a left-handed bass guitar beginning kit or an artisanal instrument, we’ve got you covered.

Find the Best Left-Handed Bass for You at Midwest Guitar Center

It can take some time to figure out which left-handed bass is ideal for you. Sweetwater offers thorough filters to help you choose the best left-handed bass for you based on brand, series, price point, style, and much more.

If you want to learn more about a particular left-handed bass, visit our YouTube channel to watch it in action so you know what to expect when you get it.

Sweetwater Makes Choosing Your Next Left-Handed Bass Easy!

Midwest Guitar Center is your go-to resource for locating the best left-handed bass for you. To see and hear today’s most interesting left-handed bass guitars in action, check out our bass buying tips or explore our huge library of bass demo videos on YouTube! If you prefer individual advice, our skilled Midwest Guitar Center Sales Engineers can help you choose the perfect left-handed bass for you!

What are the most popular brands for Left-handed Bass Guitars on Midwest Guitar Center?

  • Fender Left-handed Bass Guitars
  • Schecter Left-handed Bass Guitars
  • Sadowsky Left-handed Bass Guitars
  • Ibanez Left-handed Bass Guitars
  • Warwick Left-handed Bass Guitars

Left Handed Bass Guitars

Left-handed guitarists and bassists include Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and many others. Andertons Music Co. has a plethora of options for the lefties among us, with something to fit every style and level of aptitude!

We have a wonderful range of lefty models from Sire, Ibanez, and Stagg that are both economical and practical, making them ideal for beginners or aspiring intermediate players. These low-cost instruments will provide you with a wide range of tones and excellent playability – everything you need to find your sound!

Our mid-range selection includes left-handed basses from Spector, Warwick, and Gibson, among others. These guitars are frequently praised for playing far better than their price tag would suggest, and each one has a different personality.

We have you covered if you’re looking for warm and silky jazz tones, scorching hi-gain shred, or a very capable all-arounder.

We’re also excited to offer several absolutely lovely high-end left-handed instruments like Fender, Music Man, and Dingwall. If you’re looking for luxury, unrivaled playability, jaw-dropping tone, and breathtaking aesthetics, go no farther than Midwest Guitar Center’s left handed collection!