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It didn’t take long for ESP to become well-known among musicians all around the world for their exquisitely made guitars after they were founded in 1975.

In reality, several well-known figures in the music industry, including as Kirk Hammett of Metallica, George Lynch, and Andrew W.K., have praised ESP’s skilled staff of guitar makers.

To put it plainly, ESP is dedicated to offering amazing axes to guitarists of all financial means and skill levels, and this assortment more than demonstrates that commitment.

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Otherwise, ESP provides everything. The company is well renowned for making basses and guitars that are popular among rock and metal musicians.

High-end hardware and electronics are integrated into ESP guitars’ contemporary designs to guarantee that players won’t experience any difficulties when playing.

A number of top players have endorsed their instruments, which speaks volumes about their reputable brand.

History of ESP Guitars

Hisatake Shibuya founded this Japanese brand in 1975 as an aftermarket guitar parts company.

Offering premium upgrades and unique replacement components, ESP began building custom instruments for well-known Americans, such as guitarist George Lynch (Dokken).

By the late 1980s, Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield of Metallica had endorsed their guitars, and other players including Page Hamilton (Helmet) and Vernon Reid (Living Colour) had done the same.

They have remained the brand’s most frequent endorsees, continuing to use ESP guitars and contributing to the company’s growth in both popularity and reach.

In the early 1990s, ESP began mass-producing their guitar line. In 1996, they launched LTD Guitars, which manufactures guitars and basses at a lower price point.

They were among the fastest-growing businesses in the sector by the early 2000s, and they are currently among the most well-known brands in the market.


The company now offers an enormous selection of instruments at most pricing points.

They have remained true to their heritage, producing high-end instruments and Custom Shop models in Japan while maintaining US operations.

Under the LTD brand, they produce their more reasonably priced instruments.

Produced in the Far East, these instruments maintain their exceptional quality while bringing the ESP name to a more accessible price range, catering to a wider range of musicians.

Don’t take this negatively; some of their LTD goods cost more than £1000. In terms of specs and craftsmanship, these guitars are on par with their more expensive relatives, making them well worth the investment.

Most of ESP’s hallmark models are offered in the LTD series. Notable musicians like Brian “Head” Welch (Korn) and Bill Kelliher (Mastodon) have recently joined ESP’s esteemed artist list.

The premium ESP-branded instruments are either produced in the US or Japanese facilities of the corporation.

These instruments are made by some of the best luthiers in the business, so you know they will last a lifetime.

These guitars are for the pros; they are made from the finest tonewoods available and have pickups from Fishman, Seymour Duncan, and EMG.